Charging your electric vehicle is now easier than ever with the Chargemap Pass

Most charging stations need a pass or an application. The Chargemap Pass is a universal access solution that allows you to charge your electric vehicle on most European charging networks.

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0 € / month

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  • Green energy guaranteed Learn More
  • Phone support available 24/7
  • The Charging Guide
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Thousands of compatible charging stations next to you.

For your professional or your family trips, use the Chargemap Pass to charge on the best European charging stations.

This map only shows Chargemap Pass compatible Charging Pools.
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The largest European networks

In addition to all nearby charging stations, the Chargemap Pass allows you to charge on the fastest and most performant networks.


Green energy for each charge

Chargemap Pass is the only EV charging pass that commits to inject the equivalent of all your energy recharges coming exclusively from wind or solar power plants.

Learn more about guaranteed origins

Subscription: 0€ / month

The Chargemap Pass works with no subscription.
You pay only what you consume.

One for all. And one for all.

No need to pay multiple subscriptions.
No need to order and wait for the pass of a specific network.
No need to have a lot of passes or apps.
Only one pass to charge (mostly) everywhere.

Perfect harmony with the perfect app.

The Chargemap Pass is fully integrated with the Chargemap tools.
Whether you're looking for your invoices or your charges, easily manage your Chargemap Pass with the favorite app for EV drivers.

Customer support at the top.

Thanks to the Chargemap Pass you have customer support specialized in electric vehicle charging and master in the art of supporting you during your charging problems.

Chargemap customer support: 24/7 by phone or email.

Welcome pack: get more than a pass

For each Chargemap Pass order, get a Chargemap welcome pack

The Chargemap Pass

A RFID pass, credit card like, which gives you access to all compatible charging pools.

The Charging Guide

Learn everything you need to know about EV charging thanks to the Chargemap Charging Guide, a lot of didactic information and tips to help you for easy charging.

Instructions card

All the instructions to activate your pass and use it for the first time.


How soon will I receive my Chargemap Pass?

Your Chargemap Pass and its welcome pack will be sent to you within 1 to 2 working days after your order. Allow 4 to 10 working days on average for delivery by the Post Office.

Is the Chargemap Pass compatible with all charging networks?

Not yet, but we are working on it! Regularly, we connect new charging networks. The more you use the Chargemap Pass, the easier it is for us to connect new networks and negotiate great rates.

Can I order multiple Chargemap Passes for the same account?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to have multiple Chargemap Passes for the same account. If several people in your household use an electric car, we recommend that you have a Chargemap account and a Chargemap Pass per person.

Are there fees for using the pass?

The charging service offered by Chargemap is without any subscription or binding. We charge a reasonable commission on each charging session. By paying your charges with Chargemap, you support our service.

How much does a charge with the Chargemap Pass cost?

The price of the charges varies according to the different charge networks. You can find these prices directly on the Chargemap application or on the Chargemap website and application.

Is it possible to start a charge from the mobile application?

Not yet, but this is the next step on which our engineers are working ;-)

If you have any question about the Chargemap Pass

Go to Chargemap's support center

Order your Chargemap Pass

0 € / month

19.90€ on order

  • Without subscription
  • Green energy guaranteed Learn More
  • Phone support available 24/7
  • The Charging Guide
Order now

Shipment within 1 to 2 working days and delivery within 4 to 10 working days

Do you manage an electric vehicle fleet?

You are a fleet manager for plug-in vehicles? Make charging easy for your colleagues when they travel with the Chargemap Business Pass.