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5137 Nijenheim
3704 BB Zeist

Covered area
This unusual charging spot can only be operated by an OV-card
OR after registration at the website http://www.nrgspot.net/
with a number of other cards:
Essent, Nuon, MisterGreen, Reewoud Energietechniek/Chargepoint, Stichting e-laad.nl, EV-Box. See website for further information.

Station #1

Paid charge
Authentication system
RFID card
Required passes
Chargemap Chargemap
See compatible passes
  • New Motion New Motion
  • Greenflux Greenflux


11kW  / AC - three phases


11kW  / AC - three phases

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Level 61

Monday, 3 October 2016 15:16

This is the first public charging point I could not use with my NewMotion badge, It appears that everybody need to fill in a form with all personal details on the website nrgspot.net even OV-chipcard owners. The whole point of the interchangeability of charging badges of different providers is that one should only fill in once all the personal details. So, the whole idea of interchangeability is lost when one should register anew for NRGspot. I don't understand how nrgspot/Eneco can become a popular system. Does anybody have experience?

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