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ChargeMap iPhone app

All the charging stations, at your fingertips!

The ChargeMap iPhone app helps you to go where you like with your electric vehicle, by locating all the charging stations along the way. Find the one that suits you, start your itinerary search, and go there. So simple, no?

Help EV drivers!

Whether you drive an electric vehicle or not, you can join the electric mobility movement by contributing to ChargeMap, using your iPhone. Add charging points or add information about charging stations through your iPhone. The community will return the favor.


Download the free iPhone application

Website - mobile version

Website - mobile version

A site that is adapted to all smartphones.

To allow all ChargeMap members to access ChargeMap through their mobile phones, we have developed a user-friendly site designed especially for smartphones. To access the site, just go the http://chargemap.com from your mobile phone.

Logos website - mobile version

Identical features as the iPhone application.

We have designed the ChargeMap mobile site in such a way so that it works as quickly as the application. Everyone can contribute to ChargeMap by adding or modifying charging points.

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