Threeforce B.V. | NL*LMS - Dornheimer Weg 24 - Darmstadt


Chargemap Pass compatible area

Dornheimer Weg 24
64293 Darmstadt

Network LastMileSolutions
Trust level Verified information
Covered area No

Station #1

Paid charge
In service
Authentication system
RFID card
Phone App
Required passes

Chargemap Pass

Other compatible passes


Accelerated 22.08KW AC - three phases Busy

Chargemap Pass fees

0,345€ / kWh


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You are on a page with a charging area for electric cars in the city of Darmstadt. This charging zone is payable. 0 fast-charging sockets, 1 accelerated charging socket, 0 semi-accelerated charge sockets, 0 normal charging sockets.

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