Statistics regarding charging points in Croatia.

Important : The information displayed on this page reflect the data available to ChargeMap and might differ from reality, depending on how these countries have been covered by our services.
These data can be re-used in any publication, provided that ChargeMap is mentionned, and that a link to ChargeMap is added, if the publication is on the Internet.
CROATIALast update : 28/02/2017
charging points

Number of charging points and plugs in the last 12 months

Distibution of plugs according to charge speed

This graph shows the distribution between fast charge and standard charge points. Fast charge points allow to charge 80% of an electric car's battery in less than an hour.

Distribution of charge points per location type.

This graph shows the distribution of charge points for each location listed on ChargeMap. The "other" category features charge points for which we do not have this information yet.