Max Hamburgerrestauranger Bromma


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160 Ulvsundavägen
168 67 Stockholm

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Sunday, 22 September 2019 11:59

charged successfully...


Level 1

Tuesday, 2 April 2019 18:47

Has a 30 minute parking restriction. Had a nice meal at the restaurant while waiting!


Level 2

Monday, 25 July 2016 16:47

What to see and do while charging here:
a) Eat. (and Max's WC are very clean and well maintained. Their food is above average).
b) About 12 minutes walking to the south (and 12 minutes back, of course), is an 18th century weather mill on the hill in the NW quadrant of the Rt 279 and Kvarnbacksvägen intersection. It's not open for visits, but makes a nice photo.
c) A few minutes further south along Rt 279 is a small pond with park and paths. but it's doubtful you have time to loop around the pond, as it's another km to do so.
d) Visit Hell's Angel's HQ! It's quite close. Walk northwards out of the Max parking lot, past the first traffic light and turn right just afterwards on Rahmhammarsvägen (at the bank). HA's HQ has a nice metal wall surrounding it. You cannot miss it. There is nothing to see, really. No uninvited visitors are welcome, but hey, you can claim you saw it.
e) Bälstaviken, a skinny bay of Lake Mälaren is about a 20 minute walk to the NE, but the walk is a bummer, as there are many industrial sites with chainlink fences banning the direct route. It would have been easier in 1916 to cross No-man's land between the trenches of the Somme, however, unless you upset Hell's Angels, no one will be shooting at you.
f) To the north and across Rt 279 is a new shopping center (Blomma Blocks) retrofitted into old hangers. It totally lacks any charm, and is yet more urban/suburban blight (IMHO), and if you need their stuff, drive there before or after charging your battery (about a 12 minute walk each way).
g) There is the old Stockholm airport about a 20 minute walk away, and if your thoughts turn to the runway scene of Casa Blanca, you found it.
h) Finally, for those sedentary types who do not like urban industrial landscapes, you can stay in your car and wait for a plane to take off and land right over you, or you can explore any of the small patches of weeds along the sidewalk, some having an exquisite biodiversity of thistles and hardy grasses. Make note of the careful natural use of dog excreta to fertilize and renew nature. It's an urban ecosystem field trip right under your feet.

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