Q-Park St. Antonius Ziekenhuis Nieuwegein


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1 Koekoekslaan
3435 CM Nieuwegein

Covered area
Powered by renewable energy
Faciliteiten : Incl. parkeerplaats, Openbaar vervoer.
Betaalmethode : laadpas.
Lijst van laadpas : elaad, thenewmotion, essent, eneco, nuon, travelcard, alfen, mrgreen, chargepnt, evbox, ecogo, greenflux, bluecorner, anwb.

Station #1

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RFID card
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3.7kW  / AC - single phase

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Level 10

Tuesday, 28 August 2018 11:34

Two on ground floor, two on fifth floor. All occupied, so no charging for me this time...

Joëlle - Chargemap


Saturday, 11 November 2017 08:15

Thank a lot. Nothing else elsewhere ?
It's update.

[email protected]

Level 5

Friday, 10 November 2017 20:37

Only saw two Type2 points on the ground floor. Near the entrance.

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