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Charge your electric vehicle - everywhere.

Le service ChargeMap

ChargeMap is a service aimed at listing all the public or semi-public charging points for electric vehicles available worldwide. Inspired by Wikipedia, we are a growing community of people who are contributing to this huge task in order to offer a free service to EV drivers.

Charging points updated daily.

ChargeMap users can find charging points close to their location, using the website or its mobile version. They also have the possibility of contributing to the website by adding or modifying a charging point, thus ensuring that the information is up-to-date for all the other EV drivers.

All the details sent to ChargeMap are checked by our team before publication. In order to ensure that as much information available on ChargeMap is as accurate as possible, we have developed partnerships with the key players of electric mobility in order to get as much certified information as possible.

Let's contribute to the development of electric mobility.

ChargeMap is a project led by the ChargeMap SAS Company, an Alsace-based start-up. Saabre also manages Automobile-Propre.com, a blog specialized in environmental issues related to cars. ChargeMap is based on its founder, Yoann Nussbaumer's belief, that electric cars are the main route for cars to become more green.

With ChargeMap, anyone can contribute to developing electric mobility by providing a solution to a key issue for EV drivers: locating and using charging points.


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