Hospitality FEM


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500 Daltonlaan
3584 BK Utrecht

Covered area
Powered by renewable energy
Two EVBOX plugs, two parking places for electric vehicles only, officially one place for HU employees and unofficially: a temporary note by employees of 'Hospitality FEM' claiming the second parking spot for HU employees (contrary to the official sign).

Station #1

Paid charge
Authentication system
RFID card
Phone App


11kW  / AC - three phases


11kW  / AC - three phases

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Level 61

Saturday, 6 August 2016 09:47

5 Aug 2016: a temporary note on the EVBOX reads: "Opladen: ALLEEN VOOR HU E-AUTO'S. Met vriendelijke groet, Medewerkers Hospitality FEM." (Charging only for HU e-cars. With kind regards, employees Hospitality FEM").
This is very hostile to strangers. I have a suggestion for Hospitality FEM: if you study and teach Hospitality, practice it too! Add another charge point with two plugs! Be kind to guests and let them charge their cars. That is hospitability! In the mean time let them charge their cars using standard badges outside office hours, weekends, holidays. Thank you.

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