Data that you can rely on

At ChargeMap, our emphasis is on the quality of our data, as this provides the basis for our entire service.

We want drivers of electric cars to be able to rely on the information that we provide.

Using all available data sources

When adding to the ChargeMap database, we make use of all the data sources that are available to us.

We regularly approach network operators, car manufacturers, local communities and end users for information. We also make our own enquiries and combine this information in order to include it in ChargeMap’s database.

Working with the community of electric car drivers

The most accurate information always comes from those who are on the ground, and that is why we enable drivers of electric cars to make their contribution to improving our data.

All ChargeMap users can add or change information, post photos or comment, or improve information relating to charging points.

The hundreds of changes that are made each day are processed by our team before they are published, and this system is the basis for ChargeMap’s success!

Permanent, on-going investigations

In order to improve the information that we offer, we constantly seek to ensure that our data is up-to-date. This is anything but straightforward when you’re managing several thousand charging points!

Our privileged relationships with the electric vehicle ecosystem and drivers help to make this process of continuous improvement more manageable.

Connecting to network operators’ computer systems

Our platform interacts with network operators’ computer systems to automatically add new charging points and to update the status of other points in real time.

If you operate a charging network and you would like to connect your own systems to ChargeMap, get in touch and we can help you to attract new customers to your network.

We need you!

Providing high-quality information on the location of tens of thousands of charging stations is a vast task.

We need all the support and goodwill that we can get in order to complete our mission. Whether you operate a charging network, drive an electric car, or work in the sector, we need your help.

Find out how you can help us

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Thanks to ChargeMap, I was able to make my dream come true of going to the Formula-E Grand Prix, a 940 km drive in my Renault ZOE! - Fabien