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We need you!

Providing high-quality information on the location of tens of thousands of charging stations is a vast task.

We need all the support and goodwill that we can get in order to complete our mission. Here is an explanation of some of the ways in which you can help us!

Suggest charging points

Have you found a charging point that isn’t listed on ChargeMap? Awesome! You can now suggest it for inclusion, provided that it is accessible to the public.

To suggest a charging point, you need to complete the form for adding a charging point to the map in as much detail as possible. Our quality control team will take the time to examine your submission and you'll be notified once it is published.

Add a charging point

Post photos and comments

Photos and comments make a big difference: they are overflowing with useful, practical information to help ensure that all drivers can charge their electric cars.

Use the website or the mobile app to post your photos and comments. If you notice that any of the information on ChargeMap is inaccurate, suggest a change – other drivers will be grateful for your help!

Don’t forget to check in!

When using the mobile app, you can notify the community when you’re using a charging point. This also has the benefit of confirming that the charging point works correctly – and letting people know if it is not working.

Checking in also allows you to rate the quality of charging points that you have used, and these ratings make it easier to find the most user-friendly charging areas.

Introduce your friends to ChargeMap!

ChargeMap relies on word of mouth to grow and develop. If you like our service and you’d like to help us out, tell your friends who drive electric cars about us!

Send a short message to our support team, and we’ll be more than happy to send you a few stickers with the ChargeMap logo :-)

Climb the ranks of our contributors!

Each contribution to ChargeMap earns you points that allow you to climb the ranks of our contributors.

These ranks are hotly fought over as they enable us to show who our most loyal contributors are. You’ll see that there’s some serious competition ;-)

View the rankings

Help us to improve our translation

ChargeMap is developed with love and care in France: in Strasbourg to be precise. To enable us to offer our service to a wider audience, we have translated it into several languages.

If it seems that our translations could be better, send a message to our support team so that we can improve them!

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Find all the latest news about ChargeMap and discuss with our driver community by following us on social networks!

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If you operate a charging network, you can contribute too!

Do you manage a network of charging points? Get in touch with us so that we can ensure that your chargers are listed correctly.

You can even update the status of your infrastructure in real time by using our API. It’s simple and it’s free!

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