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7a Funenkade Amsterdam


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7a Funenkade
1018 AL Amsterdam

Covered area
Powered by renewable energy

Station #1

Paid charge
Authentication system
RFID card


11kW  / AC - three phases


11kW  / AC - three phases

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Level 61

Sunday, 22 April 2018 10:04

In Amsterdam one must also pay for parking while charging on a public charging station of the City of Amsterdam. The 6 parking places on the Funenkade are associated with one parking machine. I have tried to pay with my bank pass but the procedure stuck endless in the connection process to the bank, and I finally ended the process manually: result is failure to pay. So, that means illegal parking and the risk of getting a fine. I think the risk is not too high, but I have no practical experience. So: if you want to park and charge, the failure of a parking machine makes parking 'illegal'. It seems that there are other options to pay (by phone app).

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